For several weeks the world has been in the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic. Faced with the spread of the virus, Médecins du Monde is mobilising and taking all measures necessary to protect its teams and those benefiting from its services. Their health is our absolute priority, and we are ready to provide them with whatever support is required. Our operational response is designed to fulfil this commitment as we seek to play our part in the collective struggle against the epidemic.

Work in France

Throughout France and in Mayotte and Guyana, Médecins du Monde continues to reach out to people who are marginalised or migrants, those who are homeless or poorly housed to provide them with all the help they need.

These populations, who are excluded from the healthcare system, must be made aware of prevention measures and social distancing as well as their rights and what to do if they develop symptoms. They must also be enabled to access treatment where needed.

To limit the spread of the virus while actively working for our service users, we have adopted the following concrete measures :

  • We have increased the number of outreach patrols conducting prevention activities, particularly informing people living on the street or in precarious accommodation of current social distancing and government measures.
  • We are monitoring health conditions where people are living in precarious accommodation or on the street.
  • We are directing people with COVID-19 symptoms to special accommodation centres and are following up on their care.
  • We are conducting advocacy and coordinating efforts to secure shelter for people as a preventative measure.
  • To ensure we are there for all those who depend on our services, we are working to provide a medical phoneline staffed 24/7, a psychological support helpline and social and legal advice delivered remotely

Our teams need personal protective equipment (PPE) – masks, sanitiser gel, gowns, etc.
Your donation can help protect them and those who rely on our services.


In this way, Médecins du Monde is contributing to the operational response to this epidemic crisis. Our teams of volunteers and paid staff are participating locally in government-led initiatives to care for the most vulnerable.

Work abroad

As this is a global pandemic, we are also working in over 30 countries to limit the spread of the virus and to avoid its transmission among the people we support.

Again, we are involved in an operational response to the crisis :

  • We are committed to observing the local norms as set out by the Ministries of Health concerned (restrictions, quarantines, etc).
  • We have strengthened protective measures for our service users and our teams, particularly as regards hygiene. All staff have been trained to observe national protocols.
  • In the event of a suspected case, the teams observe the following protocol: triage, isolation and referral to treatment facilities
  • We are making every effort to pursue our health prevention and routine activities to avoid higher mortality linked to other pathologies during this period.

The situation can change very rapidly from country to country. Your donation means we can respond and save lives.



The needs that must be met to provide prevention and protection equipment, strengthen teams, increase transport, etc. are immense both in France and internationally. Your donation is crucial to help cover the cost of these over the next few weeks and to help us work for those who are most vulnerable.

­ 100 €

(€25 after tax exemption) buys 10 first aid kits

­ 150 €

(€37 after tax exemption) helps buy protective equipment

­ 350 €

(€50 after tax exemption) pays for 1 week’s outreach patrols in France

In France, Médecins du Monde is taking part in government initiatives to treat the most vulnerable.
In every country where we work, our teams are on the ground fighting the coronavirus epidemic.
In France, our teams are out working with those most at risk to prevent contamination and ensure treatment.

If you pay income tax in France, you are eligible for a 75% reduction in tax on the total of any contribution up to €546. For larger donations, a 66% reduction applies up to a maximum of 20% of taxable income.

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